What To Do if You Can't Get Your Child Services

Alternatives for Traditional Speech Therapy Through a Healthcare Provider

When our son "aged out" of Early Intervention we were told to put him in preschool to get him services through the school district.  Literally that same month the schools shut down for the pandemic.  Then our insurance said they wouldn't pay for speech therapy.  This is what I learned through that agonizing process.


Private Speech Therapy

A private speech therapist can be expensive and hard to find because many work for school districts, healthcare or businesses that provide services.  Most were too expensive for us, but I found ONE that worked.

Expressable.com is a virtual speech therapy program.  Our son has been using this for a few months now and works with a great speech therapist.  The sessions cost us $59 a session and they are weekly. $59 a week may sound like a lot, but by contrast, my son's sessions through our hospital are $506 a session!

Most kids, according to their website, attend 1-2 sessions a week.  The downside, for us, is the fact that it is virtual.  Young children tend to struggle more with computer work and speech therapy sessions are guaranteeing that your child will have "screen time" for that day.  It took a few sessions to get in the groove of things, but it's all working out.  The therapists also provide "homework" so you can continue working with your child throughout the work and are available by text message if you have questions.